CBSE Affiliation and Syllabus

Ghanshyam Hemalata Vidya Mandir, Jhasuguda is affiliated to the central board of secondary education (cbse), new delhi, the national education board of india; a progressive academic organization committed to equity and excellence in education.

CBSE is highly regarded for-Innovations in teaching-learning methodologies by devising students friendly and students centered paradigms; Reforms in examinations and evaluation practices; Regularly updating the pedagogical skills of the teachers and administrators.

GHVM Curriculum of Experiential Learning

Ghanshyam Hemalata Vidya Mandir, Jhasuguda Curriculum goes much beyond the academic Syllabus. It is based on the premise of participation and interaction to generate "Experiential Learning"-a sequence of action and reflection; comprising all activities to cater to the multiple intelligences present in each child and provides equal opportunities for every child to pursue interests and hobbies, develop skills and aptitudes both indoors and outdoors, written and oral, individual and in group work. The idea is to generate curiosity among the students with a learning approach that is concept based and application oriented.

Quality text books from reputed publishers are used to supplement and complement the NCERT text books in order to achieve these stated learning outcomes.

Assessment and Parent - Teacher Interaction

The best Assessment is one where the child known's the criteria of assessment before doing the task. This requires a thoughtful and mindful approach along with advance planning and preparation by the Teacher. All assessments in MGC subscribe to this criterion based transparent methodology and not just based on marks alone.

After every topic, a review is done and the performance of the student is noted. The aim is to ensure that students have understood the course work, developed an interest in the subject, are curious to know more and do not resort to rote learning.

As such, the students are assessed continuously and on a timely basis so that appropriate feedback can lead to correction and improvement; with all subject teachers giving a detailed report at the end of every academic term. The Class Teacher, the concerned Section coordinator and the Principal form the Team to continuously monitor each child's learning and performance.

Parent-Teacher Interaction is practiced very seriously and regularly as well believe that the College and the Parents are 'partners' in t he responsibility of imparting quality education. Therefore, Parent-Teacher Meetings are scheduled on a regular basis and throughout the year at appropriate intervals.

Food and Dining

A balanced and nutritious diet for the students is provided where the menu and the preparations are taken care of personally by the Management; in a modern and well equipped kitchen. Food in College is mandatory for Day Boarding and Boarding, and optional for Day College students.

We have created a College Campus that lends itself to a quality educational experience enshrined in our Vision and facilitates the attainment of our Aims and Objectives by having. Well-stocked Library; Audio Visual Rooms; Digital Class Rooms; Integrated Science Lab; Math Lab; Indoor Games Room; Appropriately designed rooms for Dance, Music, Art and Craft; Infirmary; Teacher Resource Room

Sports and Games:

To learn and enjoy-Swimming, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Yoga etc.

Activities - In College and Outside:

Our students have an excellent exposure in the eclectic mix of 'learning by doing' opportunities viz. In College; Student Council; 4 House(s) to inculcate the spirit of ownership, unity, sharing, completion Community Service; Adventure based Learning Programs etc.

Out of College:

Local Field Trips; out of town Educational Excursions; Treks and Expeditions, Adventure camp, There are not tourist visits!

The above are known to be the most prominent of memories of the formative years in College, largely because they are a welcome break in the routine for both students and teachers. While the purpose is essentially to educate by exposure to new and varied places and things, they are also a fun bonding experience for everyone involved.

College Transport:

A safe, secure and reliable Transport facility is available on scheduled routes for the Day College and Day Boarding students. The routes and stops are ascertained on the basis of convenience to parents and their children and the feasibility of the overall facility.


To inculcate a high sense of National integrity and universal brotherhood, each working day in the College starts with morning assembly including College prayer, devotional and patriotic songs. Stress is also laid on the moral development of the students. News reading, reciting poems with full actions, moral teachings and singing songs in chorus are the remarkable features of the morning assembly. National Anthem is sung during the prayer time from Monday to Saturday. Every week is assigned for one moral activity. Different and special days are celebrated like World Earth Day, Vanmahotsav and World Aids Day etc. Special Assemblies on special days & festival celebration are important features of the assembly.

Recreational Activities

We celebrate all festivals & important days through recreational activities. Arts and crafts give a lot of creative opportunities to the students. Every student participates and has in his/her time table for the arts and crafts work, where minimum 'B' grade is required to get promoted. They learn making stuffed dolls to paper work, match stick work, clay modeling, cardboard modeling, instrumentation etc. All these activities of the whole year are displayed in the form of Art & Craft Exhibition.

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