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Principal Message

Principal Message

The world we living today look drastically different than the one we knew few months ago. India and world are facing an enormous crisis due to COVID-19 Pandemic; India is a whole in under lockdown from Mid-March. In order to deal with this unprecedented situation arising out of lock down, we are making every effort to provide ‘HOME SCHOOLING’in co-operation with parents. Our talented faculties through innovative pedagogical practices and technological mastery are successful in smooth transition of online distance learning.

Social distancing, one of the key component in the fight with Novel Corona Virus, is creating a challenging situation for all of us. This crisis has given an opportunity to usher NEW ERA of learning based in fundamental principles of schooling- CARE, CONCERN, and COMPASSION (3C). This crisis is also given an opportunity for new models of Education. Transformation of learning trough technology is also an opportunity to remind ourselves the skills of students- Adaptability, Creative problem Solving, Critical Thinking’s. Students are also learning the ability of self learning and hence the new norm of Education enabling children to Academic freedom.

Hope, Trust and faith in the future are attitude that we as adults can restore in us time and again through children. There is a silver lining to the cloud. We too much rise to meet this formidable challenge bravely and should not let the Pandemic pin us down and keep our hope alive.

We at GHVM is committed to provide asynchronous lessons supported with live instruction for all students. The quality teaching at GHVM as sound and exceptional as it has since we opened our doors over 25 years ago.

We are implementing the alternative calendar designed by NCERT. Prepare a plan for daily activity and attempt to be constant in following it as much as possible. Let’s take time to engage in observing our surroundings and take the opportunity to connect in our own self- through reading writing, walking talking, meditation, yoga etc. Think of the small changes can make us stress free. Unlock yourselves through Innovation and Technology.

Let’s look forward to a better, stronger tomorrow!!!

With Best Wishes
Sanjukta Dash